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  1. The first step in the process is to fill in the form to receive more information.
  2. You will receive an email with more information about owning a CEFA school, and be invited to either fill in a preliminary application form, or receive a call from our Team to answer any initial questions you might have.
  3. Once your Preliminary Application has been received and reviewed by our Team, you will be contacted again by our Team, to let you know whether your preliminary application has been accepted.
  4. If accepted, you will be invited to meet with our Team and discuss the possibility of granting you a franchise. During this meeting, our Team will explain the opening process in detail, discuss the support we offer and answer any additional questions you may have.
  1. If after this meeting we invite you to apply for a CEFA Franchise, you will e-mailed our Franchise Disclosure Document to review with your lawyer and/or accountant.
  1. If after reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document you feel that you want to proceed with signing a Franchise Agreement, we encourage you to talk to our CEFA Franchise Partners, and complete your due diligence, as explained in the Franchise Disclosure Document.
  1. Once you complete your due diligence and after a minimum of 14 days after receiving the Franchise Disclosure Document, you will be invited for an interview at our CEFA Head Office, and introduced to the rest of our CEFA Team. This will give you the opportunity to meet the people who will help and guide you when you become a Franchise Partner.
  1. Once we agree that moving forward would be mutually beneficial, you will sign a Franchise Agreement, and begin working with our Team right away to find you a location.
  1. During the site selection and construction period, you will work closely with us and complete a series of training courses to prepare you to operate a CEFA Private School Franchise. You will also begin marketing your school to begin the enrollment process while the school is under construction.
  2. Just before construction is complete and you are close to finally opening your doors, our Team will train your Teachers and staff, and work with you to plan your Grand Opening Ceremony.

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