“Nothing happens until something moves.”

Those are the famous words of Albert Einstein. Though he was a physicist, this statement can be applied to the world of business and franchising, too! Until you take that first step, nothing will happen. Of course, it can be scary to start a new venture. But we don’t want fear to hold anyone back from achieving their business dreams. To help you decide if now is the right time, here are 3 signs that show you might be ready to own a CEFA franchise.  

You are Passionate About Education 

First, you share the CEFA Core Values and vision. As somebody who is passionate about learning, you want to positively influence children during the most important developmental milestones of their lives…the early years!

If you believe that children deserve to develop academically, socially, and physically (while benefiting from an award-winning curriculum), a Core Education & Fine Arts Early Learning School Franchise could be your next step.

There is a Strong Market Outlook for CEFA Schools in Your Area

Secondly, you might be ready for a CEFA Franchise, but is the market ready for you? Studies show that, yes. Now is a fantastic time to invest in Canadian education. That is because of high demand and long wait lists to secure childcare spots. In fact, Canada’s population growth is currently at its highest level in more than 30 years.

More families mean a strong market outlook for CEFA franchises. Investigate and better understand the demographics of your neighbourhood to see if there is a growing demand for Early Learning schools.

We have parents in Ontario, Alberta, and parts of BC asking for schools in their area and you can tap into this opportunity with CEFA.

Obtaining Financing Isn’t an Obstacle

Third, if the idea of securing financing is exciting (instead of stressful) this could be a sign you are ready to partner with CEFA. 

The good news is, we can help! Most CEFA franchise applicants typically apply for a Canadian Small Business Loan to get their school up and running. In addition to training, site selection, etc. CEFA Franchise experts can also help streamline the financing process and offer our expertise and guidance to help get you approved.

Are you:

Then now is the right time to start a CEFA Early Learning Franchise in your community.

Learn more at: https://franchise.cefa.ca/