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When Founder Natacha V. Beim opened her first CEFA school, she did not imagine that one day there would ever be more than one. All she wanted was to create an amazing place for children to learn and take full advantage of the most formative years of their lives, all while having fun and making friends. Parents came from other cities to send their children to cities, often traveling more than one hour each way with their little ones in tow, just to have them attend the school.

This inspired many to encourage Ms. Beim to open schools closer to their homes, which eventually led the Founder to allow those same parents to own a franchise of the original school. Today, all CEFA schools are owned by CEFA parents or CEFA Teachers, who want to bring this incredible program to their own neighbourhoods.

Thanks to our Franchise Partners, thousands of children have the benefit of attending CEFA. Our Partners are people who understand the CEFA philosophy, who share the CEFA values, who give to their communities by providing the best school for children, and who contribute as individuals by ensuring that CEFA, its curriculum and its staff, are the best that they can be.

“We do not need to open more schools” – says CEFA Founder Natacha V. Beim – “Of course, we want CEFA to reach every child, no matter where they are in the world, but we also know that the schools are successful because of their people. It is our partners who, by treating their teams like their own family, and by working with us in always innovating, make CEFA the success that it is. We are very careful in choosing our Franchise Partners, because we know how crucial their role is. We prefer to stay small if it means waiting for the right people.”

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CEFA Private Schools are known for their excellent reputation. As the owner of one of our Private Schools, you represent our brand.

Our CEFA Franchise Partners come from all walks of life, but they share a common goal: the desire to enrich their local community while contributing to early education.

Many of our Franchise Partners were either CEFA parents or CEFA teachers, who experienced the program benefits firsthand. We are looking for Franchise Partners who are caring and compassionate, who are business minded and who are willing and able to lead a dedicated team of people. Here is what you need in order to succeed:

What you need:

  • Share the CEFA Core Values and vision
  • Have the drive and commitment to make your business successful, by implementing the tools for success that we give you.
  • Treat clients and staff with kindness and respect, and ensure everyone you employ does the same.
  • Be a team player – we work together in ensuring that CEFA meets and exceeds its own standards of excellence.
  • Be relentless when it comes to delivering quality, and committed to CEFA standards across all areas
  • Be professional and presentable at all times

What you don’t need:

  • No prior teaching or childcare experience or certification (we have the tools and systems you need)
  • No prior business experience (although it is an asset)
  • No construction or real estate experience
  • No need to work full-time on your business once you’ve made it successful

As a CEFA Franchise Partner, you will enjoy the success that owning your own business brings. You will enjoy free week-ends, predictable revenue, and the luxury of spending quality time with your own family and children. Here is what our Franchise Partners have to say. If you have what it takes, fill in an application!

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