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How To FINANCE Your Franchise

How To FINANCE Your Franchise

Obtaining funding to finance your new business might be difficult if it is your first time. Most people have no experience getting accessing capital except for applying for a mortgage, a car loan or a line of credit. A business loan is much more intricate and requires a more sophisticated business plan for the application process.

Again in this case, opting to join a franchise with a proven business model will make the process much easier for you. CEFA can help you access government guaranteed small business loans, and other forms of financing, by providing you with a business plan and industry contacts. Having the support of an experienced Franchisor like CEFA can help you obtain financing more easily than if you were to apply on your own, with an unproven business concept.


Without the right support, knowledge and guidance, the commercial lending process can be difficult. At CEFA, we conduct an internal financial screening before approving you as a franchise partner, which ensures that we only award you a Franchise if we feel confident that you can also be awarded the financing necessary to fund your school.

Once a site is secured, our CEFA Finance and Real Estate Teams guide you, the Franchise Partner, through every step of the finance process, from introducing you to our banks to helping you prepare a business plan for your location. Our team is there every step of the way, to explain commercial lending practices, offer resources and contacts, answer questions, provide insight and feedback and serve as a liaison between you and the lenders. Our Teams provides you with necessary templates, such as business plans and projections; directs you to financing sources, including grants, government loans and other forms of financing; and assists with the loan closing. This support can ensure that the finance process goes as successfully as it can, and that you have the best terms you can get for your new business.

Due to the record demand for early learning centres, including childcare, as well as CEFA’s unparalleled success and excellent track record, the CEFA Franchise is an approved franchise concept for many national and local lenders. We also meet the criteria for SBL (Small Business Loan) eligibility, and our Franchise Finance team has great relationships with many national SBL lenders. Our lenders are already familiar with our model and lending needs, and have often funded other CEFA Franchises successfully. These valuable relationships result in competitive terms and a streamlined process for our franchisees.

CEFA makes the financing process easy for our Franchise Partners by providing great resources, a strong business model, superior support and a knowledgeable team for you to work with. We pride ourselves on finding the right lender and terms for our Franchise Partners, whether they are opening their first school, or their sixth.

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