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How To OPPERATE Your Franchise

How To OPPERATE Your Franchise


  1. Hire an A+ team! You may have bought the very best educational program, built the most beautiful school and furnished it with the very best materials money can buy, but if a child is in the hands of a mediocre teacher, none of that matters for long. At CEFA, we pride ourselves in recruiting and retaining the best teachers and staff, but it will be your responsibility to ensure that they are well taken care of, and happy working at your school. Once you have hired the best team, make sure you do your very best to ensure that they love working at your school, and for you. CEFA helps you by providing great contracts, employment ads, excellent training, and by helping you select a school principal who can help you in finding the very best team of teachers. With our resources and your dedication, you have every chance to succeed in building a great team!
  2. Get to know your clients. The more time you spend getting to know your team and your clients, the more successful you will be. Learn what they love about your CEFA school, what they appreciate about the teachers, their child’s menu, they way you greet them in the morning. CEFA has been learning all about their clients for over twenty years, and has developed tools, programs and campaigns to cater to them, as well as to attract more of those clients to your new school. Your job is to ensure that once they are a part of your school, you take the time to listen to their feedback, and cater to their specific needs. No two families are alike, but every single family that entrusts their little ones to you, deserves the very best experience, and only by knowing them personally can you make this happen.
  3. Be the Best in your Market. You have every tool you succeed. To speed up the process and ensure you grow your revenue, get to know your market and make sure that you are always offering the best possible choice for families in your city. Visit businesses, schools and other centres around your school. Understand the particular needs of your community and cater your local marketing campaign specifically to your area’s needs. Share your knowledge with your Franchisor so we can help you design the best local marketing plan for your area, and guide you in its implementation.
  4. Get involved in the community. Besides giving you the opportunity to give back to the community, getting involved in events specific to your community allows you to be the first choice for parents, and to make a name for yourself and your school.
  5. Stick to the CEFA way… As a Franchise Partner, you are a part of a much larger family. This means that when families choose your school, they expect the exact same standards as all other CEFA schools. In fact, they have chosen CEFA for its reputation. Having been in business for over 25 years, we have accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. As the Franchisor, we have seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t. For that reason, you must always be sure to not deviate from the CEFA way of doing things.
  6. But don’t be afraid to innovate. Although as the Franchisor, we will ensure that we give you systems that work and marketing tools that are relevant to you and your market, we are always open to learning. CEFA is well known for its innovative nature, and is constantly making things better. Our Founder famously says “CEFA is my dream, a dream I work on every day and improve every day, but it is only as good as I made it today. Tomorrow I will make it even better, and you, as a Partner in this dream, will also make it better. Looks for ways to always make it better, to keep moving forward, and I will always help you do so.” Many great ideas have come from our Franchise Partners, who discovered better ways of doing things, or suggested new concepts. We have a whole team at your disposal to test those ideas and help you implement them if they prove to be successful. All you have to do is be present at our quarterly Franchise Partner Meetings and voice your ideas. We not only ask that you do, we count on you to ensure that CEFA keeps moving forward.

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