At CEFA Early Learning, we believe in helping children find their voice. We prepare children for school and for a life lived with purpose. All of us at CEFA Early Learning share the same values, and that makes us a strong culture. Every one of us: teachers, owners, chefs, parents, children; shares our values, we belong together. We all Make a Difference: We make a difference in thousands of children’s lives, we make a difference in our communities by helping parents become better parents, and by contributing to the world. We make a difference, and we inspire and educate children to do the same throughout their lives. We all Believe in Magic: We find Magic, we create it, and we create Joy. We nurture a Love of Learning and a Sense of Wonder. All of us at CEFA Early Learning Lead by example: We lead by example in our own lives, and we are leaders, trailblazers in the early learning field. We Anticipate, Plan and Deliver: We anticipate others’ needs, we plan, to meet those needs, and we deliver results. That is how we exceed expectations. We all Respect children: We have a deep respect for children, which is evident in all that we do. We make sure that children feel happy, understood, heard and loved, always. At CEFA, we value and demonstrate integrity. We believe in Self-Improvement: We demonstrate continuous self-improvement by always learning, always bettering ourselves. And so do our schools: We keep moving forward! Our program is built by all of us, and gets better and better, every day. At CEFA, we teach what matters most when it matters most. The child’s first five years are the most important, developmentally. We teach children only the things that truly matter.  We believe in educating our children in a way that inspires them not just to learn, but also, to contribute to the world, to leave their mark, to make a difference. Because what ignites passion and drive is a sense of purpose. All our schools ensure that we create an environment where children can live with passion and purpose each day. That’s what we do at CEFA Early Learning Schools. How do we do that? Through the CEFA curriculum:  We have an exclusive, incredible, inspiring, world-class curriculum. But mostly, we have the very best Teachers. CEFA Teachers are the most educated, the most loving and caring, the most empathetic, the most fun, the most magical teachers. CEFA Teachers help children explore who they are, and show them the many ways a person can contribute. They celebrate innovation, and encourage children to pursue their dreams. Our Teachers make sure that children feel happy, important, understood, and loved, every minute of every day. CEFA Early Learning Schools go even further, by making sure that children are seen as a vital and essential part of our larger communities. Children, as young as babies can already contribute to our world, we just have to make sure that their voice is heard. We teach parents and the community at large to listen to their children’s thoughts, to their ideas, to their view of the world. Why? Because we have so much to gain from ensuring that children participate in our communities right from a young age: We gain so many more ideas, and we learn to view situations with a different perspective. Children are innate problem-solvers, which is a breath of fresh air for adults, who sometimes are used to the status quo. Plus, children have so much to gain from participating in our communities: They would gain YEARS of practice in being empathetic, collaborative, innovative, resourceful, and entrepreneurial! By the time these children become adults, they will be ready to change the world! They not only will have a great education, they will also have the skills, the practice of contribution, and they will know how vital their role is in their communities. Being empathetic, collaborative, innovative, resourceful and entrepreneurial will be habits deeply ingrained in them, from years of practice. We know our CEFA children are already making a difference in the world. We have proof. Imagine what an amazing world we would have if not only CEFA children, but every child was taught those skills at school! Imagine how fulfilled our children would feel if they had the opportunity to think freely, to give way to their ideas, and to make them happen! This is what our CEFA children are like, and every year, more parents and teachers join CEFA to ensure that more children receive this amazing start. Who are these incredible people who dedicate their lives to ensure that more children receive this great start? The owners of our CEFA schools are parents and teachers just like you who want to make a difference to children in their communities, by giving children the start they deserve, and by educating children and parents in their neighborhoods. These parents and teachers believe in preparing children for school, and for a life lived with purpose. These proud owners of CEFA Early Learning Schools offer parenting classes and seminars for parents that our Founder designed, to ensure that parents feel supported in raising their children, and have a place to go to ask questions. Because, like us, every CEFA school owner believes in relentless self-improvement. The owners of our CEFA Early Learning Schools are inspiring. They make us proud because they make lives better; they give of themselves to our children when it matters most. Because CEFA is so much more than a school: So much more than the most advanced educational approach. It is the culture, the friendships, the difference we make in people’s lives, every day. And we will continue to change children’s lives, one neighborhood at a time. We will not wait for things to change: we will be the change we want to see, because we are leaders, and because children can’t wait. We are opening the doors of more CEFA schools in Canada, in North America, and even in the world. All thanks to parents and teachers who believe that children deserve to learn and to live their lives with purpose. So to all these A+ teachers, A+ parents, and A+ friends, we say thank you for believing in children, and for teaching children to believe in themselves. Thank you for teaching children to chase after their dreams and to change the world right here, right now. Thank you for encouraging parents to keep growing as individuals and to know their children are in good hands. Thank you for encouraging children to form deep friendships, to feel a sense of belonging, to feel encouraged and inspired and never rushed. Thank you for being a CEFA Teacher; For being a CEFA owner; for being a CEFA parent, and watch, watch, as our CEFA children Change the world