CEFA prepares young minds for school and living a life of purpose. The earliest years (between ages 1-5) are the most critical for brain development and CEFA schools are actively helping to shape the leaders of the next generation. Our company carefully chooses only the best Franchise Partners who share our passion of doing something that makes them feel proud every day, and who share our core values. 

Our CEFA Early Learning School Franchise Partners come from all walks of life, but they share a common goal, to enrich their local community while contributing to early education. Many of our Franchise Partners were either parents or teachers who experienced the program benefits firsthand. We are looking for Franchise Partners who are caring and compassionate, business minded, and willing and able to lead a dedicated team of people. Here are the qualities you need to succeed as a CEFA Franchise Partner: 

Be a Team Player 

It’s very important that all Franchise Partners share the CEFA Core Values and vision. We work together to ensure that CEFA meets and exceeds its own standards of excellence. This means the ability to collaborate and communicate both with your support network and staff in a way that is both effective and efficient is imperative. 

Be Relentless 

When it comes to delivering quality and commitment to our Early Childhood Education Franchise standards across all areas, we need our Franchise Partners to be relentless. It’s essential that all owners and operators have the drive to make their business successful by implementing the tools that we provide. Dedication and passion for our mission goes a long way. 

Be Professional 

CEFA Early Learning Franchise Partners represent our trusted brand name. As such, they should be professional and presentable at all times. Our private Canadian education franchise uniforms, worn by students and teachers, are a symbol of success and are recognized in the community. Anyone involved must be able to treat clients and staff with kindness and respect. 

If you believe that you possess the three qualities that all successful CEFA Franchise Partners share, it may be time for you to talk to one of our expert representatives further about working together in the future. Fill out our contact form today and someone will be in touch!