Franchising is a fantastic way to enjoy the freedom of being in business yourself with the added bonus of having an established, credible brand with a proven business model to work with. But when selecting who to partner with, there are several factors to take into account.

If you’re considering getting into the franchising but aren’t sure where to start, here are four components you should look for in a strong franchise model:

Market Potential

As an aspiring Franchise Partners it’s important to conduct research on the market you want to get into. Is there high demand for your product or service? Is the market niche? Is the concept currently trending, or does it have a reliable track record? 

Core Education & Fine Arts School (CEFA) is in the market of early childhood education, a field that is expanding as the world begins to acknowledge the impact of intentional learning at a young age.

Financial Performance

Partnering with a franchise affords you an opportunity that independent business does not: an existing set of financial records so that you can get an idea of what to expect. Make sure to look into the financial reports so you understand the expenses, revenue, and overall financial health of the franchise.

CEFA Early Learning School has demonstrated steady growth in their existing locations and offers a certain degree of predictable revenue from a recurring revenue model based on monthly student enrollment.

Unique Selling Point

You are the most unique element of your business, and you want to partner with a franchise who brings something equally different (and special!) to the table within their field! So consider what distinguishes your potential pick from their competition.

The award-winning curriculum at CEFA is exclusive to the school, using intentional play to foster core learning and mindfulness as children prepare for kindergarten and life!

Support System and Model

A huge benefit of partnering with a franchise is the guidance you can expect to receive throughout your launch process and beyond. Make sure you select a franchise that offers clear expectations of how they will train and help steer you, and that they have a model of ongoing support.

CEFA has an entire operations, marketing, and education team that exists solely to support Franchise Partners ongoing success!


When it comes to franchising there are a lot of important factors to take into account and boxes to tick, so just be sure to do your research! And if you’re looking for a fantastic opportunity with a passionate community looking to make an impact on our children’s future, consider franchising with CEFA!