Business degrees have always been a popular choice for college and university majors. From fundamental business knowledge in accounting to economics and marketing, those looking to join the world of business often follow this educational route.

However, you don’t  necessarily require a formal business education or background to successfully run a franchise. Only 44% of entrepreneurs have a college degree. In fact, according to Small Biz Genius, just 9% of entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree in business. Despite this, thousands of Canadians are operating profitable franchises from coast to coast.

Of course, prior business experience is certainly an asset for CEFA Franchise Partners, but it’s not a requirement! Could a CEFA Franchise be the right choice for you, based on your own education and work history? 

Let’s find out. 

What Sort of Background Do You Need to be a CEFA Franchise Partner?

CEFA Franchise Partners come from all walks of life.

For example, we have had teachers, licensed early childhood educators, and even parents transition from their past roles (at home and inside the classroom) to a more operational and “big picture” role as head of a CEFA school.

Don’t have a background in education or business ownership? Not to worry! 

Established in 1998, the CEFA team provides all the training and support new partners need to get their schools up and running, including staff recruitment, site selection, engineers, designers, lease agreements, curriculum implementation, and more. 

Anyone who dreams of becoming their own boss, loves being around children and families, and knows the value of education can apply to be a CEFA Franchise Partner. 

As CEFA Founder Natacha V. Beim summarizes, “The schools are successful because of their people. It is our partners who, by treating their teams like their own family, and by working with us in always innovating, make CEFA the success that it is.”

Want to learn more about becoming a CEFA Franchise Partner? Learn about available opportunities today!