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Dreaming of Work-Life Balance? CEFA Franchising Makes It Possible

Everyone dreams of having more free time to spend with their family, pursuing hobbies and interests, traveling, or doing the things that they love. 

This can be a challenge with a job where hours are set in stone. Plus, working Monday to Friday (and sometimes evening and weekends) leaves little room for flexibility. Want to plan a trip away for the holidays? Or book a vacation in July? Chances are, you will have to cross your fingers and hope these requests get approved.

No wonder so many people complain about the lack of work-life balance! In fact, the Canadian Mental Association discovered that 58% of Canadians find balancing work demands with their personal lives difficult. 

Yet, there is a roadmap anyone can follow to improve work life balance: franchising.  

3 Ways a CEFA Franchise Makes for Better Work Life Balance

There is plenty to love about running your own CEFA Franchise. In addition to helping develop brilliant young minds, our Franchise Partners also report higher levels of job satisfaction. 


Largely because our Core Education & Fine Arts Early Learning School Franchise Partners enjoy a school-based schedule. For Franchise Partners, this means:  

Predictable Hours

With a CEFA Franchise, enjoy greater peace of mind that comes with having predictable hours. Since you know the school start and end times well in advance, you can plan ahead. Your CEFA school will operate under regular hours which run on an academic calendar. Or being assigned an evening shift that conflicts with your daughter’s swimming lessons or son’s hockey game. Your CEFA school will operate under regular hours that are the same, no matter what day of the week it is. 

Weekends and Evenings Off

Another key factor in improving work life balance is knowing when it’s time to work hard, and when it’s time to play and relax. Many professionals burnout because they cannot separate the two. But at CEFA, we value family time. Saturday and Sunday belong to you. 

Steady Income

Thirdly, owning a CEFA offers a steady source of income unlike many jobs with salaries that fluctuate hourly or yearly depending upon various factors.  With a CEFA School, you can be in control of your finances. Students enroll for the long term, meaning income is stable and easy to foresee. 

Final Thoughts 

In summary, CEFA invites you to get to know us. Those who become a CEFA Franchise experience a more balanced lifestyle. Achieving a better work-life balance is no longer a dream…it could become your reality.

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