As humans, we tend to look for tangible rewards for our efforts – whether it’s compensation for a job well done or a positive or fulfilling feeling. The ability to see a direct correlation between effort and reward is important.

Finding meaning in a Franchise: Why working with purpose matters now, more than ever.

People find meaning when they see a clear connection between what they value and how they spend their time. When the connection between effort and reward is strongest, the incentive to work is greatest.

Knowing that you’re making a difference because of your efforts, for example, can be the greatest incentive to keep working versus a purely financial one. Some people work to afford a nice home, provide for their family, achieve the respect of friends or peers, or have a certain lifestyle.

However, while those are all legitimate motivations, research and experience indicate that if there’s meaning to what you’re doing, you’ll be happier doing it and it may not even feel like work. When work is inherently rewarding, that’s when you know you’re in the right job and are more likely to stick with it for the long haul.

Finding meaning in one’s work increases motivation, engagement, empowerment, career development, job satisfaction, individual performance and personal fulfilment. When you’re passionate about your work, you’ll typically be driven and happy in all areas of your life, not just in your job. Talk about benefits!

Getting fulfilment from a Franchise is Feasible

If you’re considering buying a franchise, try to find one that’s both personally and financially rewarding. Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) for example, allows Franchise Partners to make a difference in lives, helping to shape future leaders, all while enjoying financial independence.

Because the first six years of a child’s life are key to their development and will have a huge impact on how they will embrace learning for the rest of their lives, this can be an exciting, inherently rewarding journey as a Franchise Partner.

In an early learning school environment, children are taught not just how to read and write – but how to learn and continue learning, how to interact with others, and how to contribute. If you’re looking to have an influence on the most academically impactful time in a child’s life, work with incredible teachers, make a difference in your community, and contribute to the economy, an Early Childhood Education Franchise might be the answer.

CEFA goes beyond Early Childhood Education by preparing young minds for school and for living a life of purpose. CEFA gets an A+ in terms of offering intrinsic value if you’re looking to find a franchise that delivers on meaning and difference-making.

Why does finding work with purpose matter, and why now?

The purpose is so important now more than ever to individuals, communities, and organizations. People who have been isolated for over a year due to the pandemic are now favouring more meaningful co-creation, sharing, and community building.

Meaningful work is being prioritized as people rethink careers, where to live, and how to engage with others. This includes people seeking deeper meaning in life and re-evaluating priorities. Some of the typical daily activities are starting to feel hollow and are being questioned.

Spending the day in back-to-back meetings or needing to climb the corporate ladder is being re-evaluated. Purpose has become top of mind with many as a result of the learnings and personal reflection during the pandemic.

A CEFA Franchise Offers Meaningful and Rewarding Work

If you’re re-evaluating your career and priorities, and you’re seeking something more meaningful and rewarding, a CEFA Franchise may be right for you. Having a CEFA Franchise means being involved in something that makes you feel proud.

CEFA has deliberately paced its growth, carefully choosing Franchise Partners who share the passion of doing something that makes them feel proud every day, and who share core values.

CEFA Franchise Partners impact the evolution of the CEFA brand and influence approval processes and criteria in an ongoing effort to make CEFA the best that it can be, both now and in the future.


You can find meaning in the right franchise. In fact, with a CEFA Early Learning franchise, you can find “work” that is both meaningful and rewarding. If you’re interested in making a difference for yourself and others as a CEFA Early Learning School Franchise Partner, contact CEFA today.

CEFA was established in 1998 and teaches an award-winning, proprietary curriculum in schools across BC and Alberta, with expansion into Ontario in 2021/22.

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