If you’re looking for a new business endeavor and a way to help contribute to the progression of humanity in a meaningful way, partnering with Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) is the perfect answer. CEFA Early Learning Franchise Partners offer much more to their communities than simply a place for children to learn; they have a longer term and wider spread impact on the kids, the families, and the communities.

For Children

An ever-growing body of research shows that enrolling kids in early education has significant long-term benefits for academic and behavioral outcomes; quality Early Learning helps children develop the tools to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically throughout their time in the education system and beyond.

CEFA owners offer an award-winning, proprietary curriculum that centers on innovation, literacy, creativity, and mindfulness to help jump-start children’s journeys towards becoming intentional and cooperative members of the community.

For Families

Families are an extension of students, and as the kids grow and learn, so do their families! CEFA’s curriculum lays a foundation for children to make strong choices through the ways they interact and reason with the world. As families engage with their CEFA student(s), the respect, care, curiosity, and joy for life fostered in children permeates within their families, as well, as do the lessons in outlook and behavior.

The principles taught at CEFA also get carried on by students far later in life when they’re ready to start their own families.

For community

A deeply positive impact for children that is carried on both to their families and throughout their own lives can only continue to emanate outward to the whole community!

The foundational mindfulness, intentionality, and creativity gained by graduates of CEFA stay with them their whole lives. As former students begin engaging and cooperating within their communities into adulthood, they embody and pass on the core principals they learned early on to those they interact with regularly, both professionally and personally.

As a CEFA Franchise Partner, you’ll help foster movers and shakers that can go on to help change the world for the better.


Partnering with CEFA offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to make an immediate and lasting positive impact on the lives of children, families, and communities; each child is a micro success that contributes to macro successes that help build a better world for all of us. If you are looking for a business venture that will serve not only your personal and professional goals, build your broader community and beyond, CEFA might be right for you. Have a look at our franchise opportunity to learn more.