A substantial part of the Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) curriculum is intentionally teaching and fostering “soft” skills – the kinds of skills that are put to broad use as they actively shape how children view, interact with, and collaborate with the world. These are skills that have been shown to positively impact future social, academic, community, and professional successes, and as such we found many of them overlap with the kinds of traits we look for in CEFA Franchise Partners.  They are the same skills we appreciate and seek when evaluating potential Franchise Partners at CEFA.

Here are the top 3 skills taught at CEFA that are as beneficial to our students as they are to our Franchise Partners:


At CEFA, children are taught to contribute through self-expression and respectful communication. Within the CEFA curriculum, children learn that they have a voice, and that their voice is an important tool for contributing to the spaces they occupy. They also learn to be equally respectful of others’ contributions. This is an example of how CEFA students learn they can make a difference.

To be a business owner is to be a leader. At CEFA, it’s important to also be a strong contributor as a Franchise Partner. You must know how to use your voice and how to respect and acknowledge others when they use theirs.

The mere act of engaging in a franchise partnership is a form of contribution; you’re bringing your voice and perspective to the table as you take your unique approach to a proven business model. You’ll be a better leader and team member if you can create a team environment where you’re open to hearing others’ ideas for how they can contribute.

Critical & Diverse Thinking

Children learn about diversity through CEFA’s Cultural Immersion Program, which helps kids understand and appreciate different global perspectives. In-depth exposure to a diverse range of cultures heightens empathy, collaboration, problem solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity.

You don’t have to travel the world to be a good entrepreneur, but the skill set derived from cultural immersion is wildly useful for business owners of any kind, especially CEFA Franchise Partners.

Empathy and collaboration are a necessity in the Early Learning sector as you work with the parent company, your team of staff, and the families who attend your institution; creative problem solving skills help you come up with fast solutions in the moment; and critical thinking aids you from your launch and beyond as you navigate how to lift off, how to standardize operations, and how to continue growing.


CEFA’s curriculum includes a yoga practice, not only for the physical movement that the exercise provides, but for the mindfulness element. Yoga enhances concentration, boosts confidence, and relaxes the mind. In turn, these skills enhance self-control, self-respect, and communication and listening skills.

Sometimes business ownership is stressful. Even as a Franchise Partner operating with the guidance and support of a parent company, things come up. Your business will operate at its best when you are at your best; having the self-awareness to pause in strenuous moments, and the mental skills to manage the stress will have a major impact on how well you’re able to run your business.


Soft skills are some of the hardest to learn, but they’re incredibly important through all walks of life. If you’d like to put your own soft skills to fantastic use by fostering those same skills in children, learn more about CEFA’s Franchise Partner CEFA’s Franchise Partner Opportunity!