If you’re looking to become a business owner in the franchise industry, it’s important to understand and assess the viability of profit and success. Businesses that have proven sales records or repeat business can provide consistency and comfort. Core Education & Fine Arts offers Franchise Partners a model that creates financial predictability due to the steady revenue stream associated with school enrolment and attendance. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Childcare is Essential

CEFA is part of an evergreen industry. The global market for early learning is projected to reach approximately USD $520 billion by 2028. What’s more, waitlists are still incredibly common across Canada, and most parents join a waitlist as soon as they discover they’re expecting.* High demand means high sales/enrollment. As the need for childcare continues to rise, the potential for longevity of the business opportunities in the industry does too.

2. Recurring Revenue Model

CEFA’s business model offers something unique in the franchise industry. Monthly enrollment means recurring revenue. With a set list of attending students enrolling ahead of time, CEFA Franchise Partners know the exact amount they’ll be bringing in at the beginning of each month! And with a consistent number of students attending each month, they can confidently plan for future growth and development projects.

3. Attendance

In addition to revenue predictability on an annual basis, most students attend CEFA for four years on average. This means recurring revenue each month for multiple years per child. When CEFA parents have more than one child, they often choose CEFA as their Early Learning School for all their children, compounding the recurring revenue on a per family basis even more.


A steady revenue stream is often the ultimate goal and dream of any business. Beyond comforting your bank account, it creates an environment for operations to run smoothly and profitably, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business and its growth! Learn more about recurring revenue opportunities as a CEFA Franchise Partner.

*Source via CEFA’s website,