It’s possible you set out to reconfigure your career, to find something to fulfill your need to better the world and a way to give back to your community. How fortunate, then, that you’ve landed here! Opening a CEFA Early Learning school franchise will do just that.

Our CEFA (Core Education & Fine Arts) Franchise Partners provide children with more than daycare. Our unique and award-winning curriculum sets children on a life-long journey of learning and discovery.

Models for Success

At CEFA, we created our curriculum to complement the sensitive periods of early brain development in children, or synaptic blooming, between the ages of 1–5. This period is when children experience some of the most dramatic changes of the brain in the areas of language, numbers, peer social skills, and emotional control. (See diagram below.)

The curriculum gives children advanced socialization skills, enhances concentration, and an understanding of the social impact of their actions. The creative play, dance, and yoga classes help young children collaborate and communicate mindfully.

How Will You Make a Difference?

If you don’t have a background specifically in Education, you can still be a successful CEFA Franchise Partner. You’ll hire the right team of Early Learning experts to deliver the content and help the students grow and develop.

Some of our Franchise Partners have experience in business, customer service, and management. Mostly, we look for partners who are inspired to make a difference in the lives of others.

How would you feel knowing you were contributing to a society of well-educated, well-rounded, and healthier adults for the future? Imagine a community of strong leaders with exciting solutions for tomorrow’s problems. That’s how you live an impactful life.

Is Opening a CEFA Early Childhood Education Franchise Profitable?

Yes! Our business model relies on monthly, recurring fees for our students. With the average cost of daycare in Canada quickly outpacing other regular monthly expenses, the desire to enroll students in Early Education that models intentional learning with a carefully curated curriculum is continually growing. That means expanding business opportunities for our Franchise Partners.

Starting a new business without a strong, supportive framework is daunting. The majority fail within ten years. Working with a well-established partner like CEFA Early Learning increases your odds of success. With over 20 years of experience and multiple locations throughout Canada, we are your pillar of support.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t waste more time looking for ways to improve your future and your community. Visit our website to learn more about this unique opportunity.