Earlier this week we looked at what Franchisors look for in a good Franchise Partners. The relationship goes both ways, though, so it’s important to also define features of a good franchisor. 

As an aspiring Franchise Partners, selecting the right fit can be tough; you’ll want to start by identifying which practical qualities you require of your future partner as well as how their values align with your own. Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) is proud to share the attributes that make them an excellent Franchisor.

Strong Mission

A company’s mission is what defines it as a brand; when you partner with a franchisor, you are adopting and implementing their mission. 

CEFA’s mission is to inspire children to learn and be knowledgeable, seek self-betterment, and contribute as individuals through leadership, respect, and self-improvement.


Business partnerships require mutual trust and agreement around ethics, and as an institution centered around children, CEFA holds itself (and its partners) to the highest standards. The institution regularly operates with the best interests of its community in mind, from families and supporters to staff and partners.


A franchisor should be akin to a mentor, setting clear goals and expectations from the get-go and offering support throughout the ongoing journey of business ownership. 

CEFA offers its partners ongoing support through in-depth assistance with the launch process, hands on training, marketing, and more, so that its partners never have to go it alone. The operations and education teams are in place solely to help Franchise Partners succeed.


Open communication and an established feedback loop amongst partners are essential to the maintenance and success of a franchise. The team at CEFA meets regularly with the entire franchise system to ask and address questions, discuss shifts in business and industry, and collaborate through brainstorming sessions.


A good franchise will have a reliable business model, reliable support, and reliable accessibility. All three boxes are ticked at CEFA: a recurring revenue model by way of monthly tuition, aid in every stage of launching and operations, and regular communication with and access to the rest of the team of experts and partners.


By striving to be the best partner they can, CEFA ensures a harmonious and successful relationship with their franchise partners. With a proven business model and a focus on continued advancement, the institution is an ideal fit for those looking to start or expand their own family-oriented businesses.

Learn more about partnering with CEFA, and get into a business that cares!