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The Most Rewarding Aspects of Being a CEFA Franchise Partners

Ask someone why they want to go into business for themselves and you’ll likely get an answer along the lines of “I want to be my own boss.” Which is a fantastic start, go get ’em tiger! 

But what about personal development—upholding your values and achieving a sense of fulfillment? The Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) School has an excellent business model, but the real rewards carry a lot more poignance.

Segue into Education

Education is a passion for many, even those whose professions lie outside the field. 

And while prior experience never hurts, CEFA offers those who believe in the power and impact of education a chance to get involved regardless of their background! 

If you embrace the core values of inspiration, leadership, respect, self-improvement, and making a difference, then you’re already halfway on board.

Be Intentional

While every business requires a significant amount of attention, they don’t all call for intention. Everything at CEFA, from the curriculum and methodology, to the way students play, to the way business operations are designed and implemented, is done very intentionally in order to foster the best results for everyone involved. CEFA partners operate with intention and mindfulness.

Have an impact

Owning and operating a CEFA school has an undeniable ripple effect of impact on everyone involved. While the curriculum—designed to help instill a number of “soft” skills such as mindfulness, leadership, and decision-making—is taught only to students, its reach extends much further: to the operators that are implementing, the teachers that are instructing, and the families who are attending and learning from their kids.

Through all of its participants, CEFA schools help build more engaging and inspiring communities full of change-makers and future leaders.


The fiscal rewards of owning your own business can be wonderful, but it’s the development and progress of personal ethos that will keep your heart in the game.

If you’re ready to make a positive and meaningful stand for yourself, your community, and future generations, partner with CEFA!

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