The concept of franchising is designed, to an extent, for sake of ease. The franchise operator has developed a proven business model that can be successfully replicated, and the right structure may even offer a solid level of financial predictability.

Core Education & Fine Arts Early Learning School (CEFA), for example, achieves recurring revenue through monthly tuition paid in advance. These are just two small aspects—and benefits–to purchasing a franchise, but what about the purchasing partner? How do you determine your affinity for owning a franchise?

Read on for a comprehensive list of key traits of successful Franchise Partners.

1. Passion

Forgive the cliché, but passion is a basic necessity for any business owner. For the amount of time, energy, and resources that it takes to launch a business, even with the guidance and aid of a franchisor, you should believe wholeheartedly in your mission; it’s what makes success truly rewarding.

CEFA is passionate about empowering and impacting future leaders through education, and contributing directly to its local communities as well as to its broader community of CEFA Partners throughout the country.

2. Team Player

It really does take a village!  

As a Franchise Partners you are an extension of the core team as well as the leader of a team put in place to support your endeavor. It’s your responsibility to properly align your business with the practices put in place by the franchisor, and to empower your employees so that everyone can achieve and enjoy success. 

As a CEFA Franchise Partners,  you’ll be able to connect with other CEFA Partners as well as receive support through in-depth assistance with the launch process, hands on training, marketing, and more.

3. Communication

Good communication is crucial throughout the entire process of purchasing and running your own business, but it’s especially valuable in building trust and loyalty amongst your team; open lines of dialogue and feedback are what allow business owners to continually improve their operations from every angle and make team members feel heard, respected, appreciated, and supported.

CEFA values regular communication with and amongst its partners (and patrons) in order to offer the best support and highlight each individuals’ strengths for the most successful operation possible.

4. Integrity

Having high integrity encompasses more than simply being honest; it means holding yourself and your team members to a high moral and ethical standard. 

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, kindness, and sincerity, and as a business owner, you must continually uphold those values on all ends—it’s not always easy, and mistakes will inevitably happen, but the way in which they’re handled reflects your character. 

CEFA has high standards for itself and its Franchise Partners, and requires that partners display the same level of integrity in every facet of their business, from hiring decisions to community involvement, from how they treat staff members to marketing practices.

5. Reliability

Business owners are leaders, and as such they need to be dependable. Franchisors spend a considerable amount of time refining and perfecting their brands and business models in order to ensure the success of their partners, and they want to feel confident that their partners are trustworthy enough to represent the brand appropriately. 

As a business heavily engaged in its community and invested in its students, CEFA recognizes that reliability is paramount as a two-way street—as much as the franchisor needs to be able to trust their partners, they need to demonstrate the same dependability to their partners. CEFA does this by way of a truly fantastic team of support staff ready to help you at every stage and aspect of your business.


While owning a franchise comes with a lot of guidance and direction, it still requires a fair amount of initiative from the Franchise Partners to ensure success. If you possess these key traits and are interested in making a difference in your own community and helping shape young minds, the CEFA Early Learning School Franchise Partnership could be a perfect fit. For more information, reach out today!