There are many business opportunities within the education sector as it’s one of Canada’s most important and fastest-growing markets today. For children-based franchise opportunities in particular, there are several benefits to investing now. 

With the growing demand for Early Learning centres and CEFA’s unparalleled success and excellent track record, we are offering an evergreen opportunity for the right Franchise Partners. There are several factors that constitute a continually relevant business model, including being future focused, widely applicable, socially impactful, and proven in profitability. 

Future Based Franchise

The concept of interdisciplinary teaching and Early Learning is gaining more traction as science continues to discover additional benefits and positive implications. Today’s parents want their children to have the most successful future possible and this starts with developing academic, emotional, social, and physical intelligence during the most formative years (age 1-5). 

No Previous Experience Required 

Even if you have never operated a business before, investing in a children’s education franchise opportunity can be a manageable task with the support and collaboration you will receive from CEFA Franchise experts. CEFA Early Learning has a team of professionals who draw on 25 years of franchise and education experience and are entirely focused on setting you up for success.

Positive Impact 

Many individuals considering investing in a franchise opportunity want to start a business that is not only profitable but offers a focus on creating change at a societal level. Owning and operating a CEFA Early Learning Franchise allows you to empower the next generation with a range of vital skills. As children are the building block of our future, this can provide a very rewarding experience. 

Proven Concept 

Education franchise opportunities often offer a business model that has already proven itself to be profitable. With a proprietary curriculum that helps students develop to their highest potential through hands-on experiences and engaging teaching approaches, we provide an in-demand service with systems in place designed to be effective and successful. 

The demand for early childhood education offers an evergreen investment opportunity for all who share the CEFA vision and core philosophy. To learn more, fill out our contact form today.