The CEFA Early Learning philosophy serves to address the significance of soft skills, both in how we instruct our classes and who we select as CEFA Franchise Partners. The ability to come up with creative solutions, think critically, and communicate are essential parts of owning and operating any business, but especially an education franchise like ours. 

At CEFA Early Learning our sophisticated curriculum is designed to teach children how to think, not what to think.  Our experiential environment is founded upon the development of a critical mind that’s curious, inquisitive, and creative. Self-confidence and collaborative communication are all key tools in creating a lifelong love of learning and setting our students up for future success. 

Here are the three C’s of CEFA soft skills we expect Franchise partners to have and teach in their schools:


In today’s world, adaptability is essential as modern times are evolving at a rapid pace. The soft skill of creativity is all about thinking about things differently. The ability to problem-solve or consider an alternate perspective can go a long way in establishing academic, professional, and interpersonal future success. The CEFA Early Learning curriculum is strongly guided by students and follows a project-based approach that nurtures creative thinking. 

Critical Thinking 

With the constant flow of information in today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever for students to develop critical thinking skills early on. Academically, this means identifying credible sources and formulating an educated opinion based on the facts. CEFA Early Learning believes that critical thinking is crucial for young minds. We work with children to develop positive cognitive skills in the form of curiosity, a clear voice, and the power to create change in the community. 


Good interpersonal skills create great leaders. For children, it starts with the foundation of effective communication. To ensure that our students are able to express themselves, we create a cogent, clear, and conducive environment for developing this soft skill. CEFA facilitates a safe and secure environment so that students can explore how to express their feelings, interpret the emotions of others, and become empathetic people for better collaboration, cooperation, and communication. 

A CEFA Early Learning Franchise offers a pathway to independence while providing valuable services to children in your community. To learn how you can become a part of our mission to help build a brighter future for our children through soft skills, reach out to our team today.