In the old days, people would start a job right out of high school or college and typically stay with the job for their entire career. Why? More people relied on pensions and the safety of a steady paycheck with a secured retirement. 

These days, jobs are less secure. Often businesses have to lay off employees when they’re not profitable or they go in a new direction. But more often, it’s the workers who move on to better jobs and better pay. Mid-life career changes are on the rise as people search for more fulfilling careers and a better work-life balance. 

Take control of your career and enrich your life as a CEFA Franchise Partner 

Rather than starting a business from scratch, Franchising offers a less risky opportunity. At CEFA, we’ve spent years perfecting our business model and systems. You get the chance to step into a new career and be your own boss without the risk of setting off alone without a support system.

Build a career based on your interests

Many of us get into our careers based on opportunity rather than interest. If you’re unsuited to the job, you can quickly lose interest in your daily activities and come to resent spending your time doing something you hate.

The beauty of starting a new career is you get to choose to work in a field you’re passionate about, one you find so stimulating and interesting, it hardly feels like work at all. When you open a CEFA Franchise, you’ll join a community of owners and educators who share your joy of inspiring young minds, of creating future leaders and pioneers. 

As a CEFA Franchise Partner, you’ll discover a sense of purpose that was maybe lacking in past jobs. You’ll contribute to your community in meaningful ways.

Debunking myths about changing careers

If you’re worried about the stigma attached to changing careers, don’t be. Refocusing your path only means you’re moving on to make a better life for yourself and those you love. Changing careers is about growth, not failure. 

You’re never too old or set in your ways to start a new career — it’s never too late to find happiness! And if you Partner with CEFA, you won’t be starting from scratch. We’ll guide you through the process and help you find exceptional staff to make your CEFA Early Learning School a success.

At CEFA, we share our proven methods and train you and your staff for success.

Ready to see what kind of impact you can make in your life and community by working with CEFA? Visit our website to learn more about the great opportunities available to you.