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Compelling Thoughts on Franchising with CEFA

Sometimes in our careers, we let our work become our identity, and we’re not sure where work ends and we begin. You’ve worked hard over the years, and you may or may not have anything to show for it. If you’re looking for a way to shift into something that provides you with a stronger work-life balance while improving the lives around you and creating a legacy, Core Education & Fine Arts could be the solution.

Life-changing beyond the moment

When you become a Franchise Partner with CEFA, you build a stronger future using our unique curriculum. Imagine how shaping the blossoming young minds in your community will help you define who you are and what matters to you. Children who learn core skills at a young age develop an intellect that will carry them through their education and into their adult lives. They learn to problem-solve, communicate effectively, and assess the world around them in intuitive ways. 

As a CEFA Franchise Partner, you work around the school schedule, Monday through Friday, meaning no more working weekends or missing holidays with your family! What a kick-start for a better work-life balance.

Find a new normal

Whether you have a background in education or not, you can still be successful operating an Early Learning private school. Many of our teachers transition into CEFA ownership, as do parents who want to start their own school closer to home or who see a need that needs filling. 

The Early Learning market continues to grow in Canada, and CEFA Franchises are always in demand. This makes it a strong investment with a growing ROI and monthly recurring profits. Because revenue depends on student enrollment, you’ll know your income in advance. 

As you prepare to open your own CEFA Early Learning school, we’ll provide training for you and your staff, as well as marketing tools and our established systems to help you find your way. Our proven methods give you a greater chance of success. That’s the beauty of working with an established franchise!

Transition into a new mindset

You’ll discover that it is possible to earn a good living while making a difference in your community. The service you’ll provide offers a meaningful change in the lives of families all around you. What better legacy can you imagine than making positive change in your community and the world? 

Ready to discover how franchising with CEFA will shift your focus into building a better future? Visit CEFA Early Learning to find out.

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