If you’re thinking about franchising with CEFA, you probably have lots of unanswered questions about what the opportunity entails. We’re here to separate fact from fiction so you’ll know what to expect as a CEFA Franchise Partner.

You don’t need an educational background to invest in CEFA. Fact or Fiction? 

Fact! Although many of our Franchise Partners have a background in education, it certainly isn’t a prerequisite for success with CEFA. In fact, we welcome applicants from a broad range of professional backgrounds, providing they have the skills and attributes required for their school to succeed. So, no matter your field in a previous life, you may find that you have just what we’re looking for in a Franchise Partner! 

We provide comprehensive training and support to all of our Franchise Partners. Fact or Fiction? 

Fact! One of the reasons that CEFA has established a nationwide reputation for excellence over the years is that we provide an exceptional standard of training to all of our Franchise Partners and teaching staff. So, no matter where in the country a CEFA school is located, it operates to the exacting standards that our clients and students expect. When you invest in CEFA, we provide you with comprehensive training that will open your eyes to the sector and equip you with everything you need to make your school a success. 

Our curriculum resembles that of other private schools. Fact or Fiction? 

Fiction! At CEFA, we’re exceptionally proud of the unique, world-class curriculum that we have refined and pioneered over the years. Focusing on a broad range of important aspects relating to a child’s development, our curriculum is what truly stands us apart and has attracted families all over the country to our schools. During your training, you will learn about our curriculum in detail and see firsthand how we use it to give children the perfect start in life. 

You can’t own more than one CEFA school. Fact or Fiction? 

Fiction! Growth is a key attribute that our Franchise Partners have in abundance. So, while you might begin with one CEFA school, there’s always an opportunity to open new locations in the near future, and we offer the support and guidance to do just that.

We’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs to join us. Fact or Fiction? 

Fact! We’re at a really exciting period of growth right now, and we’re looking for skilled entrepreneurs to join us to take CEFA to new locations throughout Canada. If you feel like you have what it takes to run a CEFA Early Learning School, we’d love to hear from you. Visit CEFA’s franchising website to learn more.