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Our Curriculum


CEFA is the only early learning school to have its own curriculum, and certainly the only one to dedicate a Team of educators to its development. The CEFA curriculum is what makes CEFA so successful, as students graduating from CEFA schools are at a great advantage starting elementary schools. In order to prepare its students, and teach without infringing on a child’s desire to play freely, CEFA has designed the perfect curriculum, which introduces all the required knowledge through play and projects, so children love to learn, but are actually introduced to essential knowledge during the early years.

The CEFA educational system is one of today’s leading approaches to educating young children, worldwide. Its rich academic content is designed to stimulate the child in many different ways, to optimize the natural development of the child’s brain.

This wonderful approach facilitates learning experiences for children in areas such as mathematics, reading, writing, drama, science, visual arts, music, yoga and many more. It is based on the belief that children must be given the opportunity to learn and exercise their intellect in various forms, such as the expression of their creativity, reasoning, sequential thinking, etc.

In the CEFA environment, children have ample time to learn, play and express themselves in creative ways.

In 2003, the school prepared to franchise, establishing the cefa® educational system as an applicable method, independent from the one location.

At present, Ms. Beim is still very much a part of her school’s daily activities, although she dedicates much of her time to further the development of the CEFA curriculum and methodology.

CEFA trains its teachers to enable them to work with a more complex curriculum. All CEFA teachers are trained early childhood educators, and in addition, have received the CEFA certification. To learn more about the CEFA curriculum and philosophy, visit

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