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How to Start Your Own CEFA Franchise

If you’ve considered starting your own business and Early Learning is something you’re passionate about, a Core Education & Fine Arts School could be the right fit for you. We’re a great choice for a strong business model for several reasons. Our Early Learning Schools offer steady revenue over time as most students enroll for four years and pay tuition monthly. CEFA also provides Franchise Partners with solid support as they build their business, with staff training, operational support, and marketing strategies. 

For over 25 years, we’ve worked hard to establish our brand and grow the CEFA name. Our Early Learning Schools are consistently voted #1 by parents because of our sophisticated curriculum rooted in early childhood brain development. 

We prepare children for excellence in their educational future, teaching them reading and writing, math, a second language, arts, music, dance, yoga, and much more. Our curriculum exposes students to a wide variety at an age when brain development is critical. 

In children 1-5, this well-rounded foundation creates more brain synapses and connections that develop during this sensitive period of development.

Our Early Learning program provides children with language skills that set the stage for advanced reading comprehension and improved articulation and acquisition.

When children ages 2-4 are placed in more cooperative and team-building environments, they build confidence and enhance emotional intelligence.  By learning cooperation and problem-solving skills, they’re better prepared for the challenges they’ll face in the future.  

Not only does Early Learning create more developmental opportunities for our students, but it leads to higher educational success rates in the future.  Students in Early Learning programs go on to achieve higher test scores by age 14 while also scoring higher on IQ tests.  After formal education, these students earn higher salaries and have fewer health risks.

CEFA schools foster the importance of early education.  We focus on a curriculum that enriches the lives of our students and positively impacts their lives for years to come.

Becoming a CEFA Franchise Partner, where do you start?

Reach out to us and we’ll share with you what we expect in a Franchise Partnership, what we offer, and answer any other questions you have.  

Once verified as a potential Franchise Partner, we’ll invite you to visit one of our locations to give you a first-hand experience of our School and our team of professionals who will guide you through every step of the way in all aspects of operations, marketing, IT, finance, training and real estate. 

Most of our current Franchise Partners are parents of students or CEFA teachers. Once you are given the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to review, you’ll be able to ask one of our Partners what it’s like to own a CEFA. The FDD informs you of all the important information you need about the franchise. 

After you’ve met the team, visited a school, signed the FDD, and decided you would like to proceed with opening your CEFA school, you will be given a franchise agreement, which outlines your obligations as well as the franchisors. 

The team at CEFA helps with the process of obtaining financing by providing you with a business plan and banking contacts to maximize your chances. Most Franchise Partners apply for a Canadian Small Business Loan. The team will also help in locating a suitable site for your business. 

When all the paperwork is out of the way, you’ll begin training at our corporate headquarters and/or online and learn all you need to know about how to run your School.

As you open your School, we will support you through day-to-day operations, so you don’t feel overwhelmed with the process. We bring the experience. You bring the desire to succeed. 

When you’re ready to learn more about this exciting opportunity, contact us and let us know you’re interested. We’re happy to explore your options!

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