Every year more and more scientific studies prove just how essential offering constructive and engaging environments for children to play and learn really is. They’ve shown us how quality Early Learning contributes to children’s health and well-being in the present and throughout their lives. Safe, fun, and child-focused spaces create opportunities for children to build confidence and develop essential skills that will impact their future development.

CEFA Early Learning is the leading private school for children aged one to five in Canada. We have carefully developed and are constantly evolving a sophisticated curriculum based on the latest research in child and brain development to holistically educate children as individuals. 

If you choose to become a CEFA Franchise Partner, it’s important to understand the benefits of Early Learning so you can share it with prospective families.

Here’s what the science says about the benefits of Early Learning:

CEFA goes beyond early childhood education by preparing young minds for school and living a life of purpose. The science has shown that the earliest years are the most critical and CEFA schools are actively helping to shape the leaders of the next generation. Join us by investing in a business that contributes to your community. Become a CEFA Franchise Partner today!

Source: developingchild.harvard.edu