A world-class curriculum for children ages 1‑5

CEFA Early Learning School is Canada’s leading private school for children ages one to five. Our curriculum is based on the latest research in child & brain development. We educate children as individuals academically, socially and physically.

Dream of owning your business?

Do you think you have what it takes to run a business? Are you ready to make that transition in your life?

If the answer is yes, you are well on your way. The next question is: are you ready to take the risk? According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

When you own a Franchise, you benefit from being your own boss, but you invest in a proven business model. This can go a long way in ensuring your success.

Plus, you meet many others who share your same passions, and own businesses exactly like yours.

Owning a CEFA Early Learning Private School Franchise means you are partnering with a successful, established brand, which has systems in place to support your business needs from staff training to marketing and everything in between.

As a CEFA Early Learning Private School owner, you belong to our CEFA Family, and benefit from working with a Team of professionals who draw on 25 years of franchise and education experience, and who are focused on helping guide you in your business.

Top 10 Reasons to Own:

Since 1996, CEFA has established an impeccable reputation, and is a trusted brand consistently voted #1 by parents. The CEFA brand immediately gives credibility and recognition to your school. We provide you with all of the marketing materials and information required for you to establish your school as the very best in your area.

CEFA’s exclusive curriculum was developed by its Founder, Natacha V. Beim, an elementary school teacher, early education specialist, and above all, a mother. The CEFA curriculum delivers, through play, an excellent academic preparation for children ages one to five. Before kindergarten, most CEFA students learn to read and write, as well as math, a second language, science, coding, S.T.E.M., etc. CEFA also offers a full fine arts curriculum, which includes music, visual arts, dramatic arts, yoga, dance, physical education, etc. Children learn to contribute to their communities, and gain an appreciation for themselves, their friends, nature and the world they live in. They learn to problem-solve and are inquisitive in nature.

Education is the top priority for our families. Students enrolled in our schools typically stay 4 years, until they start elementary school. This means predictable revenue to you.

CEFA provides all the training and support needed to open your school including marketing strategies, optimizing your operations and training your staff. We meet regularly to discuss updates in our business and the industry, ask and answer questions, and brainstorm with our entire franchise system. Our operations and education team exists solely to support your success.

All CEFA teachers have earned their Early Childhood Education designation from an accredited post-secondary institution, but our CEFA Teacher Training takes it one step further with intensive in-school training and a mentorship program CEFA is known for attracting the best Teachers, and training them to deliver our exclusive curriculum, which enables our schools to succeed in delivering such a high caliber program. CEFA schools are unique in offering a proprietary curriculum and training courses for Teachers, all created by CEFA Founder Natacha V. Beim, who has been working with her curriculum for over 25 years.

We welcome you to suggest a neighbourhood for your CEFA School, but also work to regularly secure locations based on demographics, zoning, visibility, and proximity to major roadways. Our Real Estate Team will help you from lease negotiation to building design, licensing, permit applications and construction management. All recommended sites are chosen to give you the best chance for success.

Our CEFA Founder Natacha V. Beim is dedicated to working on the CEFA curriculum, ensuring that it is always at the forefront of education internationally, and that best practices are constantly upgraded not only in the material used but also in the training of its teachers. CEFA Systems, the Franchisor, has a team in place to support your Teachers and staff with curriculum implementation.

CEFA is a Canadian owned and operated company, founded by Canadian Natacha V. Beim in 1996. Our Private School Uniforms, worn by students and Teachers, are a symbol of success and are recognized in the community.

CEFA goes beyond early childhood education by preparing young minds for school and for living a life of purpose. The earliest years are the most critical and CEFA schools are actively helping to shape the leaders of the next generation.

Our company has deliberately remained smaller, carefully choosing only the best Franchise Partners who shared the passion of doing something that makes them feel proud every day, and who share our core values. Our Franchise Partners are the ones helping us choose the next generation of Franchise Partners, and are involved in making CEFA the best that it can be, day after day. Now what would you give to have friends like that?


Here’s why investing in education is rewarding

When deciding to invest in your own business, two main things are important to consider: What you want and What do people need.

What do you want?

When you choose to go into business for yourself, consider not only profitability, but also (and mainly) lifestyle: Is it important to you to have week-ends off?

To spend time with your children after school? To be able to travel? To have your evenings off? Often when buying a restaurant franchise, owners work every day, including week-ends and evenings, and have less quality time for themselves and their families. Even education franchises that focus on tutoring, for instance, keep you busy after school and on week-ends, which is the only time you have for your own children and family.

A CEFA Early Learning School Franchise meets your needs if:

  • You want to invest in a business that contributes to your community
  • You believe in giving children the best start
  • You like to keep your afternoons and evenings free
  • You like to keep your week-ends free
  • You like to have the same clients for four years or more, allowing for predictable revenue
  • You need to know that despite fluctuations in the economy, your business revenue will not fluctuate with it
  • You have the flexibility to travel or take time off once it is established You can expand and have more than one school

What do people need?

You may be passionate about owning a private school, but is there a need for it? Can you be profitable? Here’s what we know:

Here’s what we know:

  • Since 2017, child-care costs have risen faster than inflation in 61 per cent of Canadian cities*
  • Wait lists are still common in almost all Canadian cities. Most parents put their children on a waitlist the moment they find out they are expecting*
  • Child care is often the second biggest expense for parents after rent or mortgage* Every $1 spent on early childhood education pays back $6 later*
  • 2 million families included children under age 18, about two-fifths of all families. Among married-couple families with children, 96.8 percent had at least one employed parent, and 61.1 percent had both parents employed.**
  • Children’s daycare services made a total of $47.8 billion in revenue in 2016 and are projected to earn $52.5 billion by 2021***
  • Although more than 21 million children under the age of six require childcare in North America, demand for childcare is still increasing

*Source: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2019 (also see CBC article)

**Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, The Economics Daily, Employment in families with children in 2016

***Source: 2016 Child Care Aware of America Diment; 2016 Childcare of North America

Investing in a CEFA Early Learning Private School not only gives you great personal fulfillment and allows you to provide for your family, it also meets a great need in your community. Make a difference, open a CEFA school near you!

This is your franchise opportunity

We are looking for Franchise Partners to open private schools for children all across Canada. If you love being around children and families, know the value of education, and believe in developing children academically, socially and physically, talk to us about owning a CEFA Early Learning School Franchise. Take a look at our Available Opportunities.