There is nothing quite like the feeling of success. As human beings, it is in our nature to set goals and want to work hard to achieve them. For many people, success is measured by the ability to transform a dream into a lived reality. This dream could be personal, career oriented, based on finances, family, happiness, and so on.  

At CEFA, we are dedicated to success – in all forms!  

Since 1998, our students have been receiving world class education delivered by caring educators who put children on the fast track to a life of future academic and personal success. Similarly, CEFA franchise partners can expect to receive the same step-by-step guidance and coaching through our franchise business model. 

Want to run your own successful franchise?  

It all starts here at CEFA. 

Define What Success Means to You

First, if you’re considering a CEFA Early Learning Franchise, think about what “success” truly means to you. For example, do you believe in shaping young minds through intentional and holistic education? Is making a difference in the community important to you? At CEFA, we help set preschool aged children up for success in school and in life. As a Franchise Partner, you will play a big role in this. 

Of course, success also manifests itself in other ways. For instance, profitability. CEFA is proud to operate as a financially successful Canadian franchise. Fee-paying students attend schools for multiple years, resulting in recurring and predictable annual revenue streams for Franchise Partner. With 30+ schools (and counting!) CEFA’s financial foundation is solid.  

If your idea of “success” includes being your own boss, positively impacting children during the most formative years of their young lives, and feeling financially secure, then CEFA could be right for you. 

3 Indicators of a Successful Franchise 

It is an unfortunate truth that statistically speaking, 20% of small businesses fail within their first year. That number then jumps to 49% by year five. 

However, operating your own business does not have to be all doom and gloom! One excellent way to avoid the pitfalls of starting a new business? Team up with a successful franchise, such as CEFA Early Learning Private Schools. With 25+ years’ experience, we are here to help make you a success!

  1. Customer Satisfaction

CEFA has all the indicators of a winning franchise. In terms of customer satisfaction, our brand is trusted by Canadian parents everywhere. In fact, CEFA is the largest and most established Canadian Education Franchise Company. 

  1. Gross Sales

In addition, a successful franchise means profitability. As mentioned above, CEFA schools operate on an academic calendar. Families pay a fee for their child to attend school and often attend for multiple years. This translates into predictable revenue for your business.

  1. Unique Product and Services 

Did you know? The demand for childcare is increasing. Canadian parents are often shocked to see how long waitlists are for high-quality childcare. CEFA offers a unique solution by teaching curriculum that is based on the latest research in child and brain development, specifically focused on children ages 1-5 when their brains are developing the most. We educate children as individuals academically, socially, and physically.

Are you eager to join our successful team? 

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