When making a career move such as the shift from employee to entrepreneur or business owner, it can come with many dramatic changes. Before jumping into the exciting new opportunity of being your own boss with an established brand like Core Education and Fine Arts (CEFA), consider all the adjustments you may have to make. Everything from your mindset to your day-to-day activities will be different. 

The reality is that becoming a Franchise Partner is a commitment to a rewarding and entirely modified lifestyle. The CEFA Early Learning opportunity offers a better work-life balance and predictable revenue in a high demand market. Take a closer look at the differences that can manifest on both a small and large scale as a potential future Franchise Partner. 

Earning A Paycheck → Building Self Sustainability

As a CEFA Franchise Partner profitability isn’t about earning a steady weekly or monthly paycheque. . To start, you will receive our detailed business plan which outlines projected cash flow and a breakeven point, taking into account how you financed the Franchise start up costs. At the beginning, your expenses will likely exceed your income, so be prepared for this change It’s important to remember that opening a CEFA Early Learning location is an investment with long term potential for profitability. 

Maintaining A Primary Focus → Cultivating New Skill Sets 

Most employees are hired based on a specific expertise. As a CEFA Franchise Partner you will see considerable growth in your skill sets as you gain experience under a wide variety of relevant proficiencies. While you will have plenty of training, support, and guidance throughout the operation of your CEFA location, an array of responsibilities will fall under your purview as Franchise Partner such as legal transactions, wage and labor issues, and customer care. 

Required To Report Directly → Freedom Within Reason

The common motivation for seeking a Franchise Partner opportunity is the ability to be your own boss with less of the risk associated with starting a business from scratch. In reality, the compromise is  that the day-to-day operations are your responsibility as you adhere to the CEFA brand, philosophy, and curriculum and all of the regulations that come along with that. It’s all about finding the balance between autonomy and accountability. 

The prospect of becoming a Franchise Partner with CEFA can be exciting. Embarking on something new and building a future for yourself can also be challenging and at times terrifying as you become accustomed to the changes in your mindset and your day-to-day life and responsibilities. 

Remember that when taking the leap into this transition, you’re investing in a proven business model which can go a long way to ensuring success. As a CEFA Early Learning Franchise Partner, you benefit from working with a dedicated team of experts who have 25 years of industry experience and are focused on helping guide you through every step of the potentially unfamiliar process. 

Are you ready to pursue the shift from employee to entrepreneur? Find out more about becoming a CEFA Early Learning Franchise Partner today.