Four Key Steps to Becoming a CEFA Franchise Partner

At CEFA, we’re always looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to open a school and make a difference in their communities. We have a range of exciting opportunities in Canada right now, and we’d love to hear from you if you’re thinking about joining us. So, if you’re preparing to start your professional journey with […]

How to Set Yourself Up for Success as a Franchise Partner

There are several traits that prove beneficial to entrepreneurs entering a Franchise Partnership, but that doesn’t mean your success as a Franchise Partner is reliant on your innate characteristics! There are a number of behaviors, mentalities, and practices budding entrepreneurs can equip themselves with on their journey through franchise ownership. Here are 6 fundamentals that […]

5 Key Traits of a Successful Franchise Partners

The concept of franchising is designed, to an extent, for sake of ease. The franchise operator has developed a proven business model that can be successfully replicated, and the right structure may even offer a solid level of financial predictability. Core Education & Fine Arts Early Learning School (CEFA), for example, achieves recurring revenue through […]