CEFA: Franchising with a Difference

Why Become a CEFA Partner?  CEFA stands for Core Education and Fine Arts, and we support students throughout Canada to realize their potential. Our learners follow a world-class curriculum that is based upon pioneering research into child and brain development. Our holistic approach to curricular learning is innovative, progressive, and puts children at the centre.  […]

5 Myths of Franchising, Debunked

Going into business for yourself can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor with a lot of challenges, whether you launch independently or partner with a franchise.  And while both have their risks, people often shy away from franchising because they’ve heard a few pitfalls that, in reality, are simply misconceptions that hold little merit.  Here are […]

5 Key Attributes that make CEFA an Excellent Franchise

Earlier this week we looked at what Franchisors look for in a good Franchise Partners. The relationship goes both ways, though, so it’s important to also define features of a good franchisor.  As an aspiring Franchise Partners, selecting the right fit can be tough; you’ll want to start by identifying which practical qualities you require […]

Franchising: 3 Ways to Secure Recurring Revenue

Help Mold the Minds of Future Generations

Learning about Franchising? Lesson #1: Secure a predictable, recurring revenue. Imagine having the ability to positively influence lives, help to shape our future leaders, all while enjoying financial independence. At Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA), you can do that. The first six years of a child’s life are key to their development and will […]