Achieving success as a Franchise Partner doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes months – sometimes years – of creative brainstorming, careful planning, and due diligence. But when it is finally time to make that jump into the franchise world, nothing is more exciting! Afterall, what could possibly be more exhilarating than starting up your own business? 

Still, it’s important not to get ahead of yourself. 

At CEFA, we are always looking for Franchise Partners who are passionate about changing lives of Canadian families through Early Learning. And being Canada’s most established education franchise company, we know a thing or two about supporting emerging franchisees. 

So to help prospective Franchise Partners learn more about the opportunity  we’ve compiled a list of the top “Do’s and Don’ts” of smart franchising. 

Let’s dive in. 

Do: Research What a Franchise has to Offer 

Did you know that Canada has the second largest franchise industry in the world (with the US being first)? In fact, according to Franchise 101, “There are between 1,200 and 1,300 franchise companies operating approximately 76,000 franchised outlets in Canada.”

Consequently, a would-be franchisee has multiple business models to choose from. As a result, it’s critically important that you research what different franchises have to offer in terms of mission, values, products, profit margins, industry outlook, lifestyle, and support. 

For instance, as a CEFA Early Learning School owner, you will benefit from working with a team of professionals who draw on 25 years of franchise and education experience in the in-demand field of child care.  

Do: Ask Lots of Questions

Next is a quick (but key) point. Ask dozens of questions. A reputable franchise will be happy to talk to you about what they offer. If things seem “off” or they seem hesitant or unable to provide you with the information you need…perhaps look elsewhere. 

Do: Take Advantage of Dedicated Support Staff

Third, do take advantage of franchise expertise.

Those who operate large franchises are professionals. In CEFA’s case, we have been successfully expanding our schools and award-winning curriculum since 1998. 

To support CEFA Franchisees, you will receive: 

With any franchise, you’re more likely to be successful if you embrace the knowledge of support staff.  

Don’t: Reinvent the Wheel 

The beauty of franchising is that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Remember, with a franchise such as CEFA, you are partnering with a successful, established brand, which has systems that truly work…because they have been tried, tested, and perfected! No need to reinvent the wheel. 

Don’t: Give Up!

Lastly, never throw in the towel. Starting a new venture is challenging and exciting at the same time. While it can feel daunting in the beginning, know that a good franchise has a well-established model – one that wants you to do well also.  

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