Core Education and Fine Arts provides the finest start to life possible for our precious little ones. First established in 1998, we have grown to be the largest and most established Education Franchise company in all of Canada. 

Our proprietary, sophisticated curriculum has been developed based on child brain development research and incorporates the best global education practices. A child’s most formative years are the key foundation for their future development. We ensure they receive the right education at the right time, impacting their success in life and giving them the keys to a bigger and brighter future.

What It Means to Be a Franchise Partner

The unparalleled prosperity of our sophisticated process has led to record demand. Becoming a Franchise Partner with CEFA Early Learning means making a difference. You can invest in the future of our society by putting your money where your heart is. Own a business that you can be proud of! 

Franchise Partners will get to be a part of something bigger by coming together to cultivate multifaceted intellect during the most significant time in a child’s life. Our expert instructors offer advanced emotional, social, and academic Early Learning by receiving special training that is designed to guide students into their full potential.

Is CEFA Right For You?

This is the ideal opportunity for anyone who is passionately interested in helping to grow the next generation of future leaders. CEFA Early Learning provides kids with an all encompassing experience to instill the fundamental core skills they will use throughout their lives. You can be instrumental in giving children the informative incubating space they both need and deserve. 

CEFA Early Learning administers all the training and support necessary to open your very own School, including marketing strategies and operation optimization tools. It’s a high demand market that can offer you predictable revenue each month as well as a healthy work life balance. Being able to enrich the lives of your community, as well as yourself, is the ultimate end goal for all of our Franchise Partners. 

The path to ownership is easier than ever with proactive guidance each step of the way. If you know yourself to be a caring and dedicated individual, inquire today to find out why becoming a CEFA Franchise Partner is right for you. 

The power to positively alter our country’s future is only one click away. Visit to learn more about available franchise opportunities with CEFA.