The journey to joining our success at CEFA is simple yet efficient. We’ve broken down the entire process so you can clearly see what to expect from start to finish. We recommend visiting our website before applying to learn about CEFA Early Learning and what we look for in our Franchise Partners. You may also want to consider the areas listed as available. Once you’ve made your decision, here are some key steps to becoming a CEFA Franchise Partner.

Apply Online

The initial step to becoming a Franchise Partner is to fill out the application form located on our website. This allows us to get to know more about you as well as how we could potentially work together toward a better future for all. 

Get to Know Us

After applying online, a CEFA expert will be in touch. During this part of the streamlined process you will meet our team of trained professionals. They will walk you through the Franchise Guide and Financial Disclosure Document which contain all the information you need to know in order to submit an evaluation. 

Review and Sign

Once the confidential financial evaluation is approved, we will extend an offer. It’s then up to you to review that offer at your convenience and sign it in order to solidify your place as a Franchise Partner with CEFA. 

Start Planning

At this stage, our experts help you to put proper timelines, intentions, and expectations into place. Then you will go through the process of choosing your site. From here the build out, business plan, and marketing strategy will be worked out together as well. 

Hands On Training 

One very significant step to becoming a CEFA Franchise Partner is in our very thorough hands-on training program. The CEFA Teacher Training is an intensive, in-school mentorship process that will prepare you in every way possible to manage your own CEFA Early Learning enterprise. 

Grand Opening 

Finally, the support staff will work with you to ensure every detail has been taken care of so you are proactively prepared for the Grand Opening of your franchise. You will also be carefully guided through all day to day operations. 

If you feel a CEFA Early Learning School is right for you, the path to getting there is well defined. Apply today at today.