Early Learning offers exponential benefits on both the academic and behavioral future of all children. Investing in a CEFA Early Learning school is more than just a solid business opportunity that can potentially earn you a stable income and allow you to lead a more balanced lifestyle. It is also a chance to give back to the community and offer world-class education to children that need it most.

Trends such as women returning to the workforce and public spending on early intervention programs suggest that now is the right time to invest in the Early Learning industry. The demand for day care services and Early Learning programs is continuously growing at high rates, offering businesses in this industry with extreme earning potential and growth opportunities.

While Early Learning is essential to the success of children’s development, it is also important to look at some of the financial reasons why this particular market can be lucrative for our Franchise Partners. 

In Canada, the day care market size is $7.8 billion.

The market size of the Canadian day care industry has generated almost $8 billion, which indicates that there is high demand for these services right now. Parents are recognizing the benefits of early intervention, and they increase the demand for these services. An investment in CEFA can give you access to a large portion of these buyers, increasing your chances of business success and stable revenue. 

The Canadian day care market size has grown 5.6% in the last ten years.

When you look at the trajectory of potential parents looking to send their young children to the best Early Learning program, you’ll quickly notice that they continue to increase. Over the past ten years, those interested in these programs have increased by 5.6%, which has brought millions of dollars of business to our industry.

There are 40,881 businesses in the day care market, implying that each business earned an average annual revenue of $220,151.17.

While each day care and Early Learning program has its own financial reports, the industry average for annual revenue gives you a sense of the demand and profit potential. This large number is made possible by the government subsidies giving many families the finances they need to send their children to day care services. This public funding is new, showing that this is just the beginning of opportunities for our young children and the businesses built to help them succeed.

While the numbers don’t lie, many of our Franchise Partners truly enjoy the opportunity to offer sophisticated curriculum for young learners in their community. When we focus on the impact of the environment, interactions, and opportunities presented to those in their early years of ages 1-5, we can provide them with more positive developmental experiences. 

A positive early childhood is an investment in their – and our – future. To learn more about becoming a Franchise Partner with CEFA, visit us at https://franchise.cefa.ca/ today.

Source: IBIS World