Are you an entrepreneur looking to make an impact in your community? Do you want to own a business that can yield positive change? Owning a CEFA Early Learning School may be the right choice for you.

Business-minded individuals and passionate educators that also want to make a positive impact on the community and people around them can have that chance when they own a CEFA Early Learning School. Our emphasis on providing quality Early Learning with a sophisticated and well-rounded curriculum sets students up for success in their future. Children exposed to positive developmental interactions and activities from ages 1-5 grow to have increased enrollment in postsecondary programs, higher job salaries, and overall improved satisfaction in life.

There are many ways that your CEFA Early Learning school can change your community for the better, including:

We provide research-based curriculum to children ages 1-5.

Our sophisticated curriculum offers children unparalleled access to unique and valuable knowledge and resources. We provide students with the chance to balance learning and play, not just learning and not just playing. This balance teaches them to read, write, and problem solve, but also gain an appreciation for themselves and those around them. This allows them to become productive and kind members of the community as they grow.

We emphasize the importance of social responsibility.

At CEFA, we want our students to achieve more than just academic success in their futures. By implementing social and emotional learning into our curriculum, we can also teach them the  skills of social responsibility. Our Early Learning program emphasizes how important early intervention can be when creating future leaders. 

Early childhood education sets children up for future success and gives them a chance to:

We aim to inspire others with our core values.

When you partner with us, you become a part of our family, spreading our mission and core values to communities across Canada. Not only do you partner with an established and reputable brand with proven business methods, but you also join our team to lead by example – both in and out of your CEFA school. Our core values focus on respect, self-betterment, and inspiration.

If you are ready to make a difference in your community with our franchise opportunities, visit us at to learn more today.