Franchising with CEFA: Fact or Fiction?

If you’re thinking about franchising with CEFA, you probably have lots of unanswered questions about what the opportunity entails. We’re here to separate fact from fiction so you’ll know what to expect as a CEFA Franchise Partner. You don’t need an educational background to invest in CEFA. Fact or Fiction?  Fact! Although many of our […]

Here’s Why You’re the Perfect Fit for Franchising with CEFA

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” At CEFA, we couldn’t agree more. Education is the greatest gift we can give our children, as it ensures they start their lives on the right path and have the best possible chance of future success. High-quality early years education ensures our children […]

6 Key Elements of a Successful Early Learning Facility Business Plan

With the rising demand for quality early education, now is a fantastic time to get started with your own business in the industry! But in order to really succeed at it, you need a steadfast plan to help map out your path through your launch and beyond. Here are 6 key elements of a business […]

The 4 Fs of Franchising with CEFA

There’s an awful lot we would like to share with you about franchising with CEFA, but we thought it would be fun to focus on the four Fs of franchising with us in this article, so you can get a flavour of what to expect when you invest in a CEFA school. Ready to dive […]

5 CEFA Franchising FAQs – Answered!

Before you invest in an education franchise, you probably have many unanswered questions that you want answers to. And that’s only natural.  The world of education franchising is vast, and there are many things you need to think about before committing to an opportunity.  To help you get a better understanding of what to expect […]

CEFA: Franchising with a Difference

Why Become a CEFA Partner?  CEFA stands for Core Education and Fine Arts, and we support students throughout Canada to realize their potential. Our learners follow a world-class curriculum that is based upon pioneering research into child and brain development. Our holistic approach to curricular learning is innovative, progressive, and puts children at the centre.  […]