Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in CEFA

Early Learning offers exponential benefits on both the academic and behavioral future of all children. Investing in a CEFA Early Learning school is more than just a solid business opportunity that can potentially earn you a stable income and allow you to lead a more balanced lifestyle. It is also a chance to give back […]

CEFA: Building Stronger Communities Through Early Learning

At CEFA Early Learning, we are passionate about educating today’s children. As Canada’s leading Early Learning private school, we are devoted to unwavering quality in our efforts to enrich the lives of children and their families.  CEFA Franchise Partners are changing lives. Here’s what one parent shared, “The foundation that CEFA has given Bradley will […]

CEFA Helps You Win Where Others Would Fail

It’s a scary statistic, especially when you’re setting off on the journey of business ownership — over 21% of small businesses fail in their first year, and 30% in the second. The statistic may make anyone who ventures to start a business think twice about doing so.  When you become a CEFA Franchise Partner, many […]

4 Perks of Owning a CEFA Early Learning Private School

At CEFA, we are not only committed to providing the most sophisticated Early Learning curriculum rooted in child brain development across our Canadian communities, but we are also committed to supporting our Franchise Partners and growing as a team. Benefits of Being a CEFA Franchise Partner Less Risk – When you become a Franchise Partner, […]

How to Start Your Own CEFA Franchise

If you’ve considered starting your own business and Early Learning is something you’re passionate about, a Core Education & Fine Arts School could be the right fit for you. We’re a great choice for a strong business model for several reasons. Our Early Learning Schools offer steady revenue over time as most students enroll for […]

Make a Difference in Your Community with a CEFA Franchise

How do you make lasting, positive changes in your community and beyond while still making a good income? You start with the future leaders and citizens: the children. At Core Education & Fine Arts, we inspire children to express their individuality through the discovery of their own impact in the world. We accomplish this through […]

Seven Ways a CEFA Franchise Will Enrich Your Life

Imagine a world where you get to be your own boss, with a schedule that gives you a more balanced lifestyle, and you have a support system to leverage?  Here are 7 ways a CEFA Franchise can enrich your life. Why choose CEFA (Core Education & Fine Arts) as a Franchise Partner? You’ll enjoy the […]

The Future of Education is Bright with a CEFA Franchise

In Canada, education is considered a right.  Children under the age of 18 deserve access to high-quality schooling that prepares them for a life of future opportunities. Whether they grow up to become astronauts or teachers, chefs or artists, it’s our job to get them ready.  After all, as management consultant, educator, and author Peter […]

Four Key Steps to Becoming a CEFA Franchise Partner

At CEFA, we’re always looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to open a school and make a difference in their communities. We have a range of exciting opportunities in Canada right now, and we’d love to hear from you if you’re thinking about joining us. So, if you’re preparing to start your professional journey with […]

CEFA’s Franchise Management System Explained

When you’re close to investing in a franchise, you almost certainly want to know how your venture will be managed and supported. At CEFA, we provide exceptional support to all of our Franchise Partners and help to manage the success of your franchise. While you’re very much in charge of your venture, our management system […]