Stories around the Great Resignation first began in the United States during the COVID pandemic. The phrase “The Great Resignation” became part of our vocabularly after being coined by American academic Anthony Klotz to reference the high volume of employees all resigning from positions around seemingly the same time. 

The narrative around this cultural phenomenon soon took on a life of its own and began to reach burnt out employees across the border in Canada as well. Today 24% of Canadian workers are new to their current role or position, a recent survey says. 

With massive layoffs during lockdowns, it’s no wonder workers began to rethink whether they feel fairly compensated or whether their jobs were meaningful, fulfilling, and worthwhile enough. Ultimately this line of questioning resulted in a major increase in people seeking a career change. 

The concept of the Great Resignation created an opportunity for individuals to get into an industry where they feel they can make more of a difference. Competitive compensation and job flexibility also seemed to be commonly cited contributing factors for switching positions or fields. 

This motivational movement naturally led to a rise in those who became interested in owning their own business. People wanted to enjoy more freedom and the sense of satisfaction that comes with being your own boss and working towards building a future for yourself. 

For many, this desire for freedom led them to franchising. It can be risky and intensively difficult to start your own business from nothing. As illustrated below, the benefits of partnering with a franchise to receive a proven model, established brand, and ongoing support often makes it the more appealing option to those first seeking to be business owners: 

Franchising allows you to choose a career that’s aligned with your values. At CEFA Early Learning, our Franchise Partners understand the underlying philosophy, share the brand values, are interested in contributing to their communities, and are passionate about ensuring that CEFA, its curriculum, and its staff, are operating at the highest possible level for maximum positive impact. 

Franchising provides a network of connections. CEFA Early Learning Franchise Partners become a part of our family and our community. The fact that you are entering into our already successful business model means you also have access to the connections CEFA Early Learning has made building our reputable brand over the past 25 years in the education industry. 

Franchising can help you build a more rewarding future. The CEFA Early Learning Franchise concept is based on creating a life for yourself in the long term. Factors such as predictable long-term income (most students stay for 4 years), the flexibility to travel or take time off once a location is established, and the ability to expand and have more than one school allows for an existence that’s curated to your personal goals and preferences. 

The Great Resignation has prompted many to wonder if they are truly fulfilled by their work and if they see a future in their field. Asking these important questions can help you determine if you might be a good fit for a CEFA Franchise Partner. Find out more about our rewarding opportunity to own your CEFA Early Learning location today.