With a CEFA Early Learning Private School Franchise, we give people the opportunity to run their own business and be their own boss but also to be a part of something bigger and really make a difference in the lives of children across the country. The desire to enrich a local community is the driving force behind every CEFA location in Canada. 

For future Franchise Partners, it’s important to remember some facts and figures. Investing in a CEFA Franchise is a safe and smart way to fulfill your financial needs. When we take a look at today’s statistics, it’s easy to see why CEFA Early Learning has been and is continuing to become such a successful business model in Canada. 

What we know at CEFA Early Learning is that there is a need and demand for high quality education during the formative years of a child’s life and that this industry has proven to be profitable. Franchising is beneficial to both the Canadian economy and to the independent business owner as it allows them to thrive by providing an established brand, existing customer base, proven model, team of experts, ongoing support, readymade marketing strategies, and more. 

The data demonstrates a clear trend for opening franchise locations in partnership with an existing company throughout the country. It appears that now is the right time, maybe more than ever, to invest wisely in a growing industry which is education. With a lucrative market offering, stable income, and a sophisticated curriculum that promises a better developmental environment for our little ones, CEFA hopes to help business minded educators achieve their goals with our expert guidance. 

The statistics speak for themselves. To find out more about how you can become a Franchise Partner with CEFA today visit us at https://franchise.cefa.ca/franchise-advantage/.