When it comes to job satisfaction, there are five key factors that impact someone’s happiness at work. These include respect, fair compensation, engagement, motivation, and overall life satisfaction. Yet despite Canada’s unemployment rate falling to record lows, over the past two years, job satisfaction has tanked.   

In fact, according to Talent Canada, a mere 54% of people reported job satisfaction. That means almost one in two people are unhappy with their current employment. 

Considering all the changes that have come to our labour force recently, this statistic is hardly surprising. Stagnant wages, long hours, feeling underappreciated and being forced to rely upon costly transportation all contribute to shockingly low job satisfaction.

What is surprising, however?

The opposite is true for franchises. Research shows that franchisees– like those with CEFA – rate their degree of job satisfaction far above average. Polls carried out by Career Explorer found that “franchise owners rate their career happiness 3.4 out of 5 stars which puts them in the top 37% of careers.”

Here are four top reasons why being a Franchise Partner often makes for a happier and more meaningful career.

4 Reasons Why CEFA Franchise Partners = Job Satisfaction 

1. Work Environment

CEFA Early Learning Schools are designed differently than traditional preschools and childcare facilities. A holistic quality educational experience for children and parents is at the heart of what we do. As a franchise partner, your work environment will be positive, respectful, committed to excellence, and built upon a foundation of cooperation and trust with your colleagues. Highly educated teachers use brain development research to deliver a world-class curriculum in a welcoming environment. Additionally, CEFA classrooms are bright, spacious, and seamlessly integrate indoor child wallpaper and outdoor play and learning. 

2. Salary 

Discontent at your current job? It turns out that financial insecurity and believing they are being under-compensated are among the top reasons people aren’t satisfied at work. However, by operating a franchise, you are in control of your salary. Since student enrollment is predetermined annually, revenue is more predictable. Furthermore, all budgeting, spending, and financial decisions are made with your input.  

3. Personality Fit

Many employees simply aren’t a good fit for their job. Their role might be tedious when they crave exciting challenges, for example. Or perhaps they desire career growth but remain stuck at a company that doesn’t reward good performance. This can lead to disengagement, decreased productivity, and job dissatisfaction.

Alternatively, as a CEFA Franchise Partner, your passion is what makes you great! Love children? Believe education and Early Learning are essential? Want to make a difference in your community? CEFA could be the right choice for you.

4. Skill Utilization

A key element of high job satisfaction comes from utilizing your skills. When our abilities are used to the fullest, we tend to feel proud of the work we do. 

If your skills include leadership, excellent communication, teamwork, reliability, integrity, creativity, empathy, and deep appreciation for early childhood education, CEFA would be delighted to hear from you. 

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