Scientific Proof Of The Powerful Impact Of Early Learning

Every year more and more scientific studies prove just how essential offering constructive and engaging environments for children to play and learn really is. They’ve shown us how quality Early Learning contributes to children’s health and well-being in the present and throughout their lives. Safe, fun, and child-focused spaces create opportunities for children to build […]

Current Trends in the Education Franchise Industry

It may come as no surprise that things have been shifting within the education industry over the past few years. In light of the recent pandemic, many families have needed to adapt to ensure their children’s academic and social development needs are being met.  While education-based Early Learning franchises have always played a significant role […]

The Power Of Franchising Versus Starting a New Business

More and more people today are becoming interested in the freedom of being their own boss. There are a few avenues to explore within this framework including starting a new business from scratch or buying into an established franchise business. Both require a complete shift in lifestyle and career track. According to the Bureau of […]

3 Qualities Successful CEFA Franchise Partners Share

CEFA prepares young minds for school and living a life of purpose. The earliest years (between ages 1-5) are the most critical for brain development and CEFA schools are actively helping to shape the leaders of the next generation. Our company carefully chooses only the best Franchise Partners who share our passion of doing something […]

What Families Love About CEFA

Our CEFA Franchise Partners all share a common goal: the desire to enrich the local community while contributing to Early Childhood Education. Many of our Franchise Partners were either CEFA parents or CEFA teachers who experienced the program’s benefits firsthand. Find out what families who have benefited from our sophisticated curriculum and high standards appreciate […]

An Evergreen Investment Opportunity in Early Learning Education

There are many business opportunities within the education sector as it’s one of Canada’s most important and fastest-growing markets today. For children-based franchise opportunities in particular, there are several benefits to investing now.  With the growing demand for Early Learning centres and CEFA’s unparalleled success and excellent track record, we are offering an evergreen opportunity […]

The Three C’s of CEFA Soft Skills

The CEFA Early Learning philosophy serves to address the significance of soft skills, both in how we instruct our classes and who we select as CEFA Franchise Partners. The ability to come up with creative solutions, think critically, and communicate are essential parts of owning and operating any business, but especially an education franchise like […]

9 Steps to open your CEFA Franchise

The process to open, own, and operate a CEFA Early Learning School has been streamlined into a series of nine efficient steps. We provide a team of industry experts who are dedicated to helping guide Franchise Partners through every step of opening a new  Early Learning school according to the CEFA standards.  1. Submit Your […]

Invest in a Rapidly Growing Industry Through Franchising

As a recognized industry leader in Early Learning, CEFA has become an integral part of a thriving market sector of franchise businesses. Often in society, economic strength is related to how educated the population is and becomes an overall measurement for cultural progress, especially in the modern era. As such, education is always considered essential.  […]

How CEFA Sets Students Up For Success

The first six years of a child’s life are key to their development and can have a huge impact on how they will learn for the rest of their lives. That’s why the Core Education & Fine Arts (CEFA) Early Learning curriculum is based on the latest research in child and brain development, to ensure […]